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Maria Khoreva Ballerina

Maria Khoreva Ballerina
PHOTO by Darian Volkova

Darian Volkova ABOUT/

She’s a professional ballet dancer and photographer. She lives and works in St.Petersburg. Except for her work in the theatre She has her ballet hobby this is photography, of course, Ballet Photography. Ballet is her native environment so She can show this world as the dancer see it.

As every ballet dancer, She has tours so you can see photos such were taken in Iceland, NorwayGermanCzech RepublicAustriaParis, and Russia.

She always looks for new ideas for ballet photography, the just beautiful picture isn’t enough for me She wants to tell a story.

Graduated from Saint-Petersburg State University of Culture and Arts.

Maria Khoreva Ballerina

Darian VolkovaDarian Volkova фотография always look for new ideas for ballet photography, just beautiful picture isn’t enough.


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