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Isabella Boylston Principal Dancer

Isabella Boylston Principal Dancer
American Ballet Theatre
PHOTO BY/ Nisian Hughes

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Nisian lives and works as a freelance photographer, art director and artist in New York City.

He started as the Art Director at double magazine, then art director at mikco advertising agency and produced freelance commissions for converse, octane, agnes b., pier59, kiki de montparnasse, getty images, sponge skincare, among others. He graduated from parsons school of design with a bfa in communication design.

Since 2007 Nisian Hughes has directed his talents towards a project of “moving images”, a series that he continues to build on today. unlike traditional film installations, hughes’ moving images” appear at first glance to be still. one of the subjects in the piece will move very slightly, but otherwise, hold the continuity of the image and moment.

Whereas in traditional film pieces, the viewer must commit some time to watching the piece, Hughes “moving images” allow the observer to walk away and come back without missing a thing. leaving the image on a continuous almost unchanging loop. hughes first drew the inspiration from a reproduction of a renaissance style painting he found in his hotel room at the chateau marmont in la. he continues to draw inspiration from reproduced classic renaissance paintings from all over the world.

Isabella Boylston Principal Dancer

Nisian HughesNisian Hughes lives and works as a freelance photographer, art director, and artist in New York City. More about on his site.


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