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Like a dream becoming reality, the Ballerina Project is an ongoing series of photographs created by photographer: Dane Shitagi. Constructed over the span of 15 years the Ballerina Project is not your typical “dance photography” but an etching of a ballerinas heart and emotions.

Every aspect of the Ballerina Project is carefully crafted and cultivated.  The majority of ballerinas who have posed for the project are currently or have danced for companies such as American Ballet TheaterAustralian BalletBoston BalletBirmingham Royal BalletDresden Semperopera BalletTulsa BalletPennsylvania BalletComplexions Contemporary BalletMiami City BalletSuzanne Farrell BalletBallet WestNew York City BalletSan Francisco BalletStaatsballet BerlinandPacific Northwest Ballet.

Other ballerinas are in schools such as School of American Ballet and Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis School. The crafts of dance and photography are truly upheld on both ends of the creation of the Ballerina Project.

The earlier years of the project was photographed on traditional film and cameras. Only as of the late Spring 2012, the project has begun to incorporate digital photography.

Currently, the Ballerina Project has one of the largest networks of followers in the world for ballet-related pages on Instagram and Facebook. In the press, the project has been written about in the Wall Street Journal, Huffington Post, NBC Today ShowEsquire and countless blogs. The project has also been featured in advertisements for both Fujifilm and Sony Erricson.


Ballerina ProjectBallerina Project, like a dream becoming the reality the Ballerina Project is an ongoing series of photographs created by photographer: Dane Shitagi.

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