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Alisa Voronova and Dmitry Kozhemyakin

Alisa Voronova Алиса Воронова and Dmitry Kozhemyakin Дмитрий Кожемякин
Moscow Classical Ballet Theatre, Театр классического балета
PHOTO by Ira Yakovleva Ира Яковлева

Ira Yakovleva ABOUT/

Ballet Photographer, fashion photographer, stylist, choreography teacher. From Saint-Petersburg.

Project Photographer KASOK. She cooperates with modeling agencies, ballet performances, masterclasses. She creates imaginative images of her shots.

is a photographer specializing in Classical Ballet and although its lines are too light and style merges the highest level of fashion.

We have not more information of this professional photographer, but you can contact her via the contact information. We hope to have more information as soon as possible.

Alisa Voronova and Dmitry Kozhemyakin

Ira YakovlevaIra Yakovleva, it’s a Ballet Photographer Ballet, the fashion photographer. Stylist. Choreography teacher. From Saint-Petersburg.