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Alicia Goytizolo, student of Ellison Ballet

Alicia Goytizolo, student of Ellison Ballet
PHOTO by Rachel Neville

Rachel Neville ABOUT/


Rachel Neville creates unique, powerful, transformative visuals for dance companies and editorial publications that are designed to stop viewers, captivate their imagination and bring them into the theater.

A multi-talented artist who utilizes the medium of photography, Rachel is a former dancer and teacher.

Rachel has spent many years shooting dance for a variety of clients including Dance Theatre of Harlem, 10 Hairy Legs, and Grishko, and she has deliberately and consciously chosen to perfect a visual style that translates the power and emotion of motion into still images.

Choosing to work closely with her clients ( dance companies, publications, and individual dancers) Rachel develops individualized concepts for each project and executes them flawlessly.

Alicia Goytizolo student of Ellison Ballet

Rachel Neville PhotographyRachel Neville. Loves to move people through her photos, as much as they may be by a piece of powerful music or performance.